Frequently Asked Questions

We offer such low prices as we are a wholesale company so you are dealing directly
with the supplier. We supply most of the high street opticians for 40 years now.

We have partnered with the world’s largest supplier of lenses to supply you with the
best lenses available on the market today. Our frames are sourced from some of the
largest factories currently working to produce for some of the leading brands in the
eyewear business.

We are now in our 5th year, and we have no intentions of going anywhere!

You will need a valid prescription that has been issued within the last two years. If you
do not have a current prescription, you will need to go for an eye test and ensure that
the optician gives you a copy of your prescription. It’s your prescription. You are under
no obligation to buy from them. Next, simply key your prescription information into our
online ordering system. If you do not understand any of it, please do not hesitate to
contact us.

We will endeavour to get your glasses out to you within 5-7 WORKING days (we do not
count weekends). Please allow this time before chasing your order.

Your satisfaction is our priority if you are not 100% happy we will replace or refund
your glasses. We want you to tell your friends, your family, everyone that you got a
great pair of glasses from SHOP4GLASSES.

All the glasses are checked against the prescription that you provided us with before

Yes, for coatings you need to select an appropriate package. The different packages will
give you all options such as anti-reflection coatings and the clear UV protection coatings
as well as a hard coat. You can then move on to select any sunglass options such as
polarized lens.

We charge a standard amount €5.00 for packages if you have a special request for
delivery please e-mail us.

If you are having any problems understanding your prescription, we are here to help.
You email us @ shop4glasses1@gmail.com and we will get back to you asap.

Polarized lenses should not be confused with transitions. Polarized lenses are ALWAYS
dark but provide the ultimate in sunlight protection. The lenses will reduce the majority of
glare from horizontally polarized sunlight and only allow vertical polarized light waves to
pass through, therefore greatly reducing glare. The only limitation is that they can
obstruct LCD displays in dashboards and radios.

Yes, you can. We offer three levels of thinning, as does your optician. These are called a
1.6 index lens, a 1.67 lens and a 1.74 index lens. This refers to the refractive index of
the lens and not the thinness of them. You will also get a thinner lens by choosing a
small diameter lens as this enables us to thin the lens down more and will give you a
better overall result. The bigger frames such as the aviator style lenses have big lens
diameters and are not a great choice if you need very thin lenses and have a high
prescription. The semi-rimless frames are also not the best choice with higher
prescriptions as we do need to leave some extra thickness around the edge of the lens
to accommodate the wire groove.
The acetate frames (plastics) are also very good at hiding the thicker lenses especially if
you choose the ones with a wide arm.

The anti-reflective coating on your lenses serves several purposes. The coating is clear
but it will reflect the light and is very good for driving or continued computer use. It also
stops strong light reflections from your lenses and makes them more attractive to look at
as other people do not get the glare from your lenses.
It can be selected by choosing the SILVER lens package which also includes an anti-UV
coating and a hard coating on the lenses.

Absolutely! We recommend that everyone choose this option. The UV coating is
completely clear so you will not know it is there. However, it is very important to protect
your eyes from the UV light that exists even in the winter months. UV light can contribute
to many eye problems such as macular degeneration and the sooner you protect your
eyes the better.

Yes, you can. If you want just the demo lenses in, we can do that. We can also provide
clear prescription lenses but without prescription, if you want them just for fashion. In this
case, just enter “plano” for your sphere values. The cost, however, is the same with or
without prescription lenses.